Hairdresser Reviews

Hairdresser Review

Been in Perth nearly 7 years, had a few hairdressers but no-one quite ‘got’ me & what I wanted till I met Jane. So great to go to a hairdresser & say “do what you want” knowing that you’ll walk away with a fab haircut!
Glad I found a great hairdresser & someone that I’d socialise with as well!!

Karen Trout – 5*

Jane has been cutting and colouring my hair for more than a year now – I have loads of compliments on my hair. She is creative, open minded and honest about what will work in your hair. I completely trust her and highly recommend her to anyone – particularly those of us with extremely fine hair! She will sort you out!
Madeleine Ridley – 5*

Jane is fantastic at what she does, so much so that when I moved away from York I would still travel over 200 miles to get my hair done by her….I simply couldn’t find a hairdresser to rival her exceptional talent! She’s very much missed!
Kate Sawyers – 5*

Jane is a fantastic hairdresser. I felt confident to go in and say, “just do whatever you think will suit me” and be it a new cut or colour I knew I would come out loving it!!!
Katy Gibson – 5*

I often changed my hairdressers due to becoming fed up and bored with the service being provided. That changed the day I walked into Jane’s salon. Jane is always very enthusiastic, full of ideas and tips, and very professional. I walked out of the salon after my first visit feeling a million dollars and continued to return on a regular basis for 7+ years, until Jane moved to Oz. I was saddened to hear Jane was moving Downunder as I knew I would be losing a fabulously talented hairdresser and friend, but also extremely excited for Jane as I knew it was a lifelong dream for Jane to be moving to Australia. Jane has always provided me with excellent service, cutting, colouring and re-styling. I can’t recommend Jane enough. All new clients will be delighted with Janes dedication, talent and ability to make you feel like a celebrity.
Pauline Wilson – 5*

I found Jane after admiring a friends gorgeous hair, and she was the best hairdresser I have ever had. It was a very sad day when she told me she was emigrating (and I did cry). Jane can obviously cut hair very well, but what makes her stand out for me is that she actually LISTENS and hears what you say. Lots of hairdressers can cut hair well but not many of them listen to what you actually want. So I always left Jane with hair I was thrilled with. Once she told me that an idea I had wouldn’t suit me, and that was fine, she was right and I totally trusted her word. Sometimes she suggested things I wouldn’t have considered and that was fine too, but she always listened and I always got a style that suited my life.
She has a lovely easy manner and was also wonderful with my toddler’s hair.
I am very envious of anyone who now lives close enough to book Jane, and I wish her all the luck in the world. Not that she needs it.

Angela Stubbs – 5*

Jane was the only person I trusted to cut and style my hair for many years. She always did a fantastic job and gave great advice about styles and maintenance. I always looked forward to my hair appointments with her as I knew I’d leave looking and feeling fabulous.
Louise Mozier – 5*

Jane is an incredible hairdresser! She holds a superb knowledge of hair above any other hairdresser I have met, and a fantastic personality to boot. Every hair cut I had with Jane (pretty much monthly over a period of around 8 years) was not only a thoroughly enjoyable experience but one with perfect results every time!
Jack Earnshaw – 5*

Jane single handedly transformed the way my hair has looked for 5 years! I had the best time in the salon and every time I was there the time went by too quickly ( 5 hours one time). 100% amazing with hair.
Andrew Morris – 5*

Jane is the epitome of a true professional and takes great pride in her work, ensuring that the client is happy with the excellent service that she offers. Jane ensures that a long lasting relationship is built with her varied client base ensuring that they come back for more. I would recommend Jane to anyone, and have done so in the past, all of who have had nothing but praise for her, as have I. Do not delay, as I’m sure pretty soon her client book will be as full as it was here in England.
Mark Fletcher – 5*

Lucky Lucky Perth …… She’s a fabulous hairdresser – changed my hair utterly and I’ve never looked back ….. Good Luck Jane xxxx
Isobel McCoy – 5*

Jane is the best in the business!! So hard to find a hairdresser you trust, who is honest and you are comfortable with! Jane is all of these and always makes you look and feel fab! Also has provided great advice along the way! She’s massively missed in York!!
Lucy Collier – 5*

Best hairdresser I ever had… always happy with my cut and the service received by a very talented and gorgeous lady! Gutted she moved to the other side of the world though!!
Lauren Rebecca – 5*

Jane was my hairdresser for 5+ years before she left the UK for Oz. Her skill, personality, and management of the business was fantastic and as such meant I remained a loyal and regular customer throughout. Highest possible recommendation… our loss is Perth’s gain!
Martin Wilson – 5*

Jane is a hairdresser of great skill. She gave me great advice – we had lots of fun trying out different colours and cuts. Eventually I kept coming back for a splendid pixie cut – perfect every time. Since she moved away I have tried out many hairdressers, but I have yet to find anyone of the same caliber as Jane. She doesn’t cut corners (no pun intended) and will spend extra time getting things right if she needs to.
Nina Boskett – 5*

Jane was my hairdresser in York for many years. I always got complements on my hair after I’d been to see her. Jane always listens to what you want and makes great suggestions. And to top it off we always had a laugh: my hair appointment was like a lovely hour or two with a friend.
Liz Wood – 5*

Friendly, honest, kind, massively talented, the best hairdresser I have ever had, me and my hair miss her very much!! Xxx
Pamela Campbell – 5*

I loved having my hair coloured, cut and styled by Jane. She was always so talented and professional, knowing the style that would be suit me and taking such care and effort every appointment. You could always be guaranteed excellent service.
Clare Gascoyne – 5*

Jane is just “the best” hairdresser… she was recommended by a friend, i trusted her completely with colour and cuts, and never once did I have a bad hair do!, good luck Jane.
Wendy Riby – 5*

I always knew I was going to come away feeling like a million dollars after a haircut with Jane-she is one of the best hairdressers I’ve ever, ever had. She instinctively knows what will suit you both in colour and style. She listens and also makes suggestions that you just dont think of yourself. Trying to find a new hairdresser to trust can be a challenge but once you find Jane you’re on to a winner for sure. You lucky ladies who get a haircut with Jane.
Sarah Collier – 5*

Jane was the only person I trusted with my hair for years! Until she emigrated!
Good with colours, cuts & re-styles.
Would always tell me if something would or wouldn’t work for me and be honest about maintenance.

Philippa Harding – 5*

Every time she cuts my hair I look FABULOUS. She knows her hair and she knows her customer service. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made all month to visit her.
Brooke Boeser – 5*

Really knows her stuff, happily trust her to know what suits me and do an amazing job cutting it, happily recommend her to everyone who tells me my hair looks great.
Rachael Wilkinson – 5*

Jane is a brilliant hairdresser and became a great friend too after many years of appointments and chats! Main thing with Jane is she LOVES what she does and that shows in her work. Just a shame for us she left York!!!
Vicki Scoot – 5*