Healthcare Professionals Deserve Healthier Hair

Healthcare Professionals Deserve Healthier Hair As a hair health professional I see many Clients from the healthcare profession that work in or around Subiaco, that are really interested in the science of hair (and scalp) health. We share information and enthusiasm for the work. As a recognition for the valued work they do I’m starting[…]


Hairdressing: Listening with your eyes: Part 1

Hairdressing: Listen with your eyes My article, kindly reprinted with the permission of The Haircologist International. October 2015 A career in hairdressing requires more than being able to cut or colour hair: Success depends on repeat business. Repeat business is a consequence of a delighted Client. However, in order to delight Clients, a hairdresser must[…]


Cureplex: The revolution is here

The time for breakage is over. Introducing Cureplex. Cureplex is a dual action revolutionary formulation that creates new bonds and buffers the existing ones, delivering stronger, healthier hair. However gentle the ‘formulation’, chemical processes always damage the hair. Strength, suppleness and appearance suffer, leaving hair dry, dull and lifeless. Cureplex is designed to be added[…]

Session Stylist

Global Session Stylist Competition Journey

Very excited to win a place on this global session stylist programme. Everyday is a learning day in hairdressing, even when you’ve been ‘doing it’ for nearly 20. Deeply honoured as only 800 people in the world get on from almost 10,000 entries. In the ‘hair industry’ Sam McKnight is a Session Styling God and[…]